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Patients with varicose veins have many available options to choose from as far as health providers offering vein treatment. However, there are few points to take into consideration before they choose a vein clinic:

  1. Specialized vein clinic: Specialized stand alone vein clinics usually offer comprehensive diagnostic tests and the most advanced devices to manage the most complex vein disease cases with the best outcome.
  2. Skilled vein specialist: Many health providers now provide some degree of vein treatment, however, vein specialist with vascular surgery background have the skill and the expertize to diagnose and treat all forms of vein disease.
  3. Comprehensive Vein treatment: ALVC offers a wide spectrum of venous disease treatments, including Vein ablation, Ambulatory phlebectomy, Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and laser spider vein treatment. It is very important to choose a vein specialist who is experienced in all aspects of vein disease teatments, especially that a combination of different treatment options might be necessary to treat one particular patient.
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