Amarillo Laser & Vein Clinic offers the best diagnostic tests for vein disease. Since vein disease is not always visible on the skin's surface, it is essential to perform venous ultrasound examination of the lower extremities prior to treatment.

While many patients present with large, clinically obvious bulging varicose veins other individuals may have significant 'silent' large vein disease (reflux), which can only be detected by ultrasound vein mapping.

Venous ultrasound not only provides a detailed picture of your venous system, but can show abnormal direction of blood flow (reflux) in diseased veins. Successful treatment of leg veins requires accurate diagnosis and treatment of abnormal large veins followed by touch-up treatment of the smaller veins.

This test is completely painless and will take about 20 minutes to perform by a vascular certified ultrasound technician. Our office will contact you few days later with the final results and recommendations will be given regarding your varicose veins treatment.

Vein Finders

Vein illumination Devices (vein finders) are used during sclerotherapy to better visualize the treated veins and to determine the location of the feeding vessels. These devices will improve the sclerotherapy treatment outcome.

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